Affordable, Accessible Health Care for All

Sarah Davis and Republicans in Austin have turned their backs on Texas families. While millions in federal funds sit untapped to expand Medicaid, over and over Davis and the GOP have failed to provide affordable health care to those in need.

The results are predictable. Texas has the highest rate of uninsured of any state, and more than one-fifth of Texas children (21.5%) have no insurance. Texas also has the sixth highest maternal mortality rate of any state. On measure after measure, Texas families are suffering thanks to the Republican legislature and Governor Greg Abbott.

Failure to expand health coverage is not only cruel – it’s costly.  Anyone who has been to an emergency room will see a flood of people who are driven to seek the most-costly care because they are unable to obtain basic health coverage. Just because people don’t have access to health coverage, doesn’t mean they won’t get sick; it just means we all end up paying more for their care when easily treatable or preventable illnesses become catastrophic. 

Our tax dollars are already going to the federal government, ready to come back to Texas to cover our uninsured. Instead, our representatives are choosing to refuse an estimated $100 billion over the past decade over a partisan issue. 

Sarah Davis campaigned against Obamacare and its Medicaid expansion. In 2014, she told non-partisan Project Vote Smart that she opposed “the expansion of Medicaid program under ObamaCare” and since then Davis has never once voted to expand Medicaid.

We deserve better.

Ann Johnson is a cancer survivor and small business owner who knows the price of living with a pre-existing condition. She fully supports expanding Medicaid and will fight to make sure no Texan can be denied necessary care due to a pre-existing condition. Ann will work to expand health coverage for Texas families because it’s not just the right thing to do – it’s the fiscally smart thing to do.