Climate Change and Flood Mitigation

Clean air, clean water, less flooding and investments in clean energy. These are basic things every Texan deserves – and needs. Storms are becoming more severe, and we’ve already seen devastating hurricanes and floods that have cost us billions of dollars and dozens of lives. The best science tells us if we do nothing, these storms will only get worse. We must act to both mitigate, and prepare for, future floods, as well as slow climate change through robust investments in new, clean renewable energy sources. 

Fortunately, investing in clean energy is also an investment in the Texas economy. Clean energy jobs provide good incomes for workers (a solar panel installer with a high school diploma can make $40,000 per year; a wind turbine service technician’s average salary is $52,000). Texas has an abundance of potential in clean energy sources, from West Texas and Gulf winds to solar power. It’s no wonder renewable energy jobs are one of the fastest growing types of jobs in our state.

Even as we invest in these pioneering fields, we must make the infrastructure improvements needed to address future storms, floods and hurricanes. 

Unfortunately, Sarah Davis has not stood up for the kind of thoughtful, climate action we need to protect our communities and create new good green jobs. She voted to eliminate a tax incentive to build new wind farms. She even voted against having a climatologist – a scientist – give regular reports on climate projections for use by state agencies. She voted against legislation to maintain state authority to reduce climate pollution. And she even has voted against allowing local governments to regulate pollution in their own communities. 

Davis actually voted against letting local communities set limits on pollution that impacts the health and safety of our children. And when climate change and infrastructure issues led to catastrophic floods in our district, Sarah Davis failed to bring home rainy day funds our district needed to help recover. 

Republicans in Austin, with the help of Sarah Davis, have given up on their moral responsibility to make our environment cleaner. At a time when the Houston area has been impacted by multiple fires and explosions from lightly regulated petro-chemical plants, it’s important we have state leaders who will work consistently to improve safety at these plants and reduce pollution. The costs – both human and economic – of the current path are far too high. 

We deserve better. 

Ann Johnson will fight for the innovations and state support needed to continue to grow our clean energy sector. She’ll put science first and make sure our climate policies center the well-being of our communities. She’ll push for the state funds needed to reduce the impacts of catastrophic storms and provide the rapid response and assistance our families deserve in the aftermath of severe weather. And she’ll work every day to make sure our air and water are clean and safe.

Republican inaction on climate change has already cost our state dearly. We cannot afford to allow Sarah Davis and her allies to continue to stand in the way of progress.