Free and Fair Elections

Voters deserve fair elections and a fair shot to elect a representative who will fight for their values and interests. Today, district lines are drawn so politicians pick their voters rather than voters picking their public servants and representatives. We deserve better. 

Ann Johnson first ran for Texas House District 134 in 2012. Ann was inspired to run because she knew Tea Party incumbent, Sarah Davis, was not serving the best interests of our district. At the start of the race, the district was drawn 51% Republican – a fair map. However, that made Davis and the Republican power machine in Austin nervous, and midway through the race, Republicans re-drew the lines to create a 57% Republican district.

If the GOP thought Ann would just give up, they didn’t know Ann. She kept fighting for women’s health, quality public education, equality for all and many of our other shared values. While Ann could not overcome GOP dirty tricks, she did receive nearly 2,000 more votes than President Obama did in the district.

This episode was a valuable illustration on the lengths to which Republicans in Austin (including Sarah Davis) will go to maintain power. And why is it necessary we elect a Democratic majority to the State House this fall. 

If Democrats are able to gain nine seats, we will have a significant role in the upcoming post-census redistricting. That process will determine if voters choose their representatives – or if Governor Greg Abbott, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and their allies will continue to choose who gets to represent us for another decade. 

The Democratic majority and fairer elections start in District 134. Ann Johnson will represent the interests of every person in our district – including their fundamental right to have their district lines drawn fairly and impartially by a truly independent commission.