Ann Johnson is a nationally recognized expert in Human Trafficking providing testimony before the United States Congress, training to Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement officers and the Judiciary.  

The Center for Court Innovation recently interviewed Ann about innovative solutions, such as SAFE Court, and her work in Harris County on behalf of the District Attorney's Office and Human Trafficking victims.

 Ann's mom, Hon. Carolyn Marks Johnson, is also an artist and drew the hands.  They symbolize the beginning and future help clients need to succeed.  

Ann's mom, Hon. Carolyn Marks Johnson, is also an artist and drew the hands.  They symbolize the beginning and future help clients need to succeed.  

An article about Ann returned to the District Attorney's Office  in 2013.

Watch the above video of one of Ann's early presentations about Texas Law and prostitution policies back in 2012.

Ann's expertise began when fortuitous moments led her to the representation of children charged with the offense of prostitution in Harris County.  The most legally significant of those cases resulted in the landmark decision of In re B.W., in which the Texas Supreme Court reversed the Harris County Districts Attorney's prosecution of a 13-year-old child for prostitution and created a framework for protecting child victims of exploitation and human trafficking.   

Following this important ruling, Ann participated as a founder member of GIRLS (Growing Independence and Restoring Lives) Court established by Harris County Judge Mike Schneider and Judge Angela Ellis.  The new program, established in July 2011, sought to better identify and  assist at-risk victims of human trafficking within the juvenile system by providing appropriate services.  

Ann continued her work advocating on behalf of victims and policies.  Ann was asked to return to work for Harris County District Attorney Mike Anderson as a Human Trafficking Specialist .     Ann continued this work under his successor District Attorney Devon Anderson.  During those years, the specialty grew into a Section with five prosecutors, an investigator and paralegal, resulting in a paradigm shift in significantly increased victim identification and increased prosecution of exploiters; pimps and johns.

Below is a chart of progress made: 

                                                                                                                           HCDA updated numbers for materials previously published.

                                                                                                                          HCDA updated numbers for materials previously published.

During these years, it was found many prior victims were caught in the criminal justice system at an early age.  Ann applied for and received, on behalf of the Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson, a Department of Justice Smart Prosecution Grant to help Harris County develop SAFE (Survivors Acquiring Freedom and Empowerment) Court.  The Hon. Judge Pam Derbyshire presides over the court and program.   

Ann continues this work in private practice.

Ann knows the challenge, and is happy to consult or assist other jurisdictions working to develop a plan to combat prostitution and human trafficking.  

Ann is an active member of The Texas Children's Justice Act Task Force.

Ann is a member of the American Leadership Forum, Criminal Justice Class 2.   

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