Immigrants are an integral part of our community, and they deserve the same support, respect, and protection as everyone else. We are a state of immigrants. One in six Texans is an immigrant, and an additional 15 percent have a parent who immigrated. Immigrants serve a vital role in our community and are, just like those of us native to the United States, working to achieve their piece of the American dream.

Ann’s opponent, Sarah Davis, has worked with her Republican colleagues to pass anti-immigrant legislation in line with President Trump’s hateful, dangerous policies. Sarah Davis sponsored SB 4, the racist “show me your papers” legislation. SB 4 has created a culture of fear in Texas by enabling local law enforcement to racially profile Texans and inquire about their immigration status. Sowing mistrust between Texans and law enforcement sets a dangerous precedent, reducing the likelihood that immigrant communities will reach out to authorities during times of need like in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Ann stands by our immigrant communities and will work to repeal SB 4.

We also need to protect immigrant workers; they are risking their health and safety working essential jobs during COVID-19 and keeping our economy afloat. We must protect immigrants from employer wage theft and ensure that all workers are able to exercise their rights without fear of retaliation. Every worker deserves dignity, basic human rights, and a living wage.