For over a decade, Republicans have controlled our state government. In that time, Texas has passed some of the most extreme anti-choice laws in America. Republicans have kept guns in the hands of domestic abusers and individuals with severe mental illnesses. They’ve left more than a million Texans without health insurance, gutted our public schools, denied climate change and refused to release billions of dollars from the rainy-day fund for hurricane recovery and flood prevention.

Texas Democrats have fought hard to stop the worst of these bills, but Republicans in Austin have used their majority to pass legislation that undermine our rights, our health and our safety.

This year, we have the chance to not only slow bad legislation, but to fight for good bills and improve the lives of all Texans. We have the chance to give progressive values a seat at the table and send a blue wave through Austin.

That blue wave starts in House District 134.

Ann Johnson is running for Texas State Representative because she believes District 134 voters deserve someone in Austin who will fight for our values on every issue. As your Representative, Ann will make it a priority to:

  • Affirmatively advance legislation that will protect reproductive rights and fully fund the community-based clinics and providers who are on the front lines in providing the care women and their families need and deserve;
  • Pass sensible gun legislation including stronger background checks, extreme protection orders and prohibitions on guns in schools;
  • Increase state funding for our public schools — increasing teacher and support staff compensation, reducing class sizes, and reducing the burden on counties to offset the lack of state funding;
  • Lead the effort to mitigate damage from, and prepare for, future floods and hurricanes – including major new investments in renewable energy to help us fight climate change;
  • Champion reforms to end partisan gerrymandering so voters choose their representatives instead of representatives choosing their voters.

The current Republican incumbent, Sarah Davis, has not stood up for our values. We know this because she’s had almost a decade to do better, and instead she does worse:

  • Fighting against expanding Medicaid; 
  • Voting against sensible gun reforms;
  • Voting to slash public education funding;
  • Failing to put forward meaningful solutions to climate change;
  • Refusing to release millions of dollars in flood prevention and recovery funds;
  • Supporting Republican leaders who have attacked our reproductive rights and access;
  • Supporting partisan gerrymandering and efforts to undermine fair representation.

In 2020, a blue wave starts in Texas – and that Texas blue wave starts in District 134 by electing Ann Johnson to the Texas State House of Representatives.