For over a decade, Republicans have controlled our state government. In that time, Texas has passed some of the most extreme anti-choice laws in the United States. Republicans have kept guns in the hands of domestic abusers and individuals with severe mental illnesses. They’ve left five million Texans without health insurance, gutted our public schools, denied climate change and refused to release billions of dollars from the rainy-day fund for hurricane recovery and flood prevention when we needed it most.

Texas Democrats have fought hard to stop the worst of these bills, but Republicans in Austin have used their majority to pass legislation that undermine our rights, our health and our safety. 

Now, with the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis, having effective, compassionate, and forward-thinking leadership in Austin is more important than ever. Decades of partisanship and short-sighted, right-wing policy priorities have left us ill-equipped to deal with the crisis at hand. 

Our community is hurting, and we have a long road ahead to beat this pandemic and get Texans back on their feet. Here are Ann’s priorities for putting Texas on the road to recovery:

Save Lives. Keeping us safe is the first and most important responsibility of the government. This pandemic has made more clear than ever the weaknesses in our public health system. And it has exacerbated an already unconscionable environment of  senseless gun violence and domestic abuse. As your Representative, Ann will:

  • Listen to the public health experts and follow the science.
  • Expand Medicaid, providing access to health care for over one million currently uninsured Texans and bringing home over $100 billion of our federal tax dollars to support our hospitals as they grapple with this pandemic.
  • Dedicate state funding to ensure all Texans, regardless of their insurance status, can access a COVID-19 vaccine as soon as it is available.
  • Pass common sense gun safety reforms. Ann stands with Moms Demand Action in their support of basic protections such as universal background checks, extreme risk protection orders, and safe storage requirements.

Rebuild Our Economy. Between the pandemic and the crash in oil prices, Houston is hurting right now. We need to rebuild our economy in a smart, sustainable way and provide support for our workers and small business owners. As your Representative, Ann will:

  • Support investments in renewable energy and flood mitigation projects, which will create good jobs and get Texans back to work, diversify our energy economy, and protect our community from the impacts of climate change in the years to come.
  • Protect our workforce by supplying critical PPE and testing capacity so they can safely return to work. We must also shore up state unemployment benefits, which are dangerously low in funding despite their essential role in easing the pain of this economic crisis.
  • Provide funding to small business owners getting back on their feet.

Protect Public Education. Last decade, we saw how Republicans respond to an economic crisis — by cutting more than $5.3 billion in funding for public education. Those cuts resulted in over 10,000 teachers losing their jobs and increased class sizes for students across the state. Ann will fight like hell to protect public education in our state budget, and she will never sell out our kids.

If we want a fighting chance to accomplish these goals, we must address the rampant gerrymandering perpetrated by Republicans over the last two decades. 2020 was always going to be an important election. Next year, state legislators will redraw our political maps for the next decade. Texas Democrats have a strong chance to take back the State House, fight for fair maps, and provide a check on Governor Abbott and his right-wing agenda. Now, the stakes are higher than ever. Ann Johnson is the right state representative for our district.

The current Republican incumbent, Sarah Davis, has not stood up for our values. We know this because she’s had almost a decade to do better, and instead she does worse:

  • Fighting against expanding Medicaid and preventing more than a million Texans from gaining health coverage;
  • Voting against sensible gun safety reforms;
  • Voting to slash public education funding;
  • Failing to put forward meaningful solutions to climate change;
  • Supporting Republican leaders who have attacked our reproductive rights and access;
  • Supporting partisan gerrymandering and efforts to undermine fair representation.
In 2020, a blue wave starts in Texas – and that Texas blue wave starts in District 134 by electing Ann Johnson to the Texas State House of Representatives.