Ann’s Priorities

Healthcare and COVID-19

This pandemic has made clearer than ever the weaknesses in our public health system. As your Representative, Ann will listen to the public health experts and follow the science. She will expand Medicaid, providing access to health care for over one million currently uninsured Texans. She also will dedicate state funding to ensure that all Texans, regardless of their insurance status, can access a COVID-19 vaccine.

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Invest in education

In the last decade, Republicans cut more than $5.3 billion from public education, costing 10,000 teachers their jobs, increasing class sizes, and cutting pre-kindergarten funding. Ann will reverse the Republicans’ flawed “Robin Hood” system that costs Houston public schools $300 million even though three-quarters of its students qualify for free or reduced-price meals. Ann will fight like hell to protect public education in our state budget, and she will never sell out our kids.

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Common-sense gun reform

We have an unconscionable environment of senseless gun violence and domestic abuse. Ann Johnson will pass common-sense gun safety reforms. Ann stands with Moms Demand Action in supporting basic protections such as universal background checks, extreme risk protection orders, and safe gun storage requirements.

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End Republican Gerrymandering

End GOP gerrymandering

Republicans have dominated Texas politics for over a decade. They’ve left five million Texans without health insurance, gutted public schools, denied climate change, and refused to release billions of dollars for flood prevention and hurricane recovery. We must address rampant Republican gerrymandering. Texas Democrats are just nine seats away from winning the state House, fighting for fair maps in 2021, and checking Governor Abbott’s right-wing agenda.

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