Priorities: Healthcare

Affordable, accessible healthcare for all

The Republican approach to health care isn’t working for five million uninsured Texans, the highest uninsured rate of any state. Among Texas children, 21.5 percent have no insurance, and Texas has the sixth highest maternal mortality rate in the nation.

Democrat Ann Johnson is a cancer survivor who was denied coverage for her pre-existing condition and had no choice other than to pay for an outrageously expensive policy. Ann will stand up to Republican attempts to deny coverage to Texans with pre-existing conditions, including COVID. She will also work to make sure every Texan has access to a COVID-19 vaccine.

Ann fully supports expanding Medicaid to provide health insurance to more than one million uninsured Texans. Expanding health coverage for Texas families is not just the right thing to do – it’s the fiscally smart thing to do. Just because people don’t have health insurance doesn’t mean they won’t get sick; they go to the emergency room, the most costly type of care, and we all end up paying more. Yet, because of partisan politics, the Republicans in Austin are turning down millions of federal dollars that would pay for much of the cost.

Women’s Health

Let’s face it: The only way we can stop the attacks on women’s health – and give it the priority it deserves in Texas’ health care policies – is to remove the Republicans from power. This year, Democrats have a real shot at the first and most important step: flipping the state House of Representatives.

That means the Republican incumbent Sarah Davis has to go. For ten years, we’ve sent Davis to the legislature to work from the inside and keep the Republicans from doing their worst. Yet, in that time, Texas Republicans passed some of the most extreme anti-choice laws in America.

Davis has failed and Texas women have paid the price. 

On women’s health, pro-choice Ann Johnson will strengthen reproductive rights and increase access to necessary care by:

  • Increasing funding for health clinics so women and families can access affordable providers nearby
  • Overturning restrictions that make it harder for women to access abortion services
  • Codifying women’s health rights into law.


“I’m voting for Ann Johnson in November because I’m ready for a Democrat to represent me. Whether it’s coronavirus or access to healthcare overall, the Republican party is failing Texans. I’ve lived in this district for decades. It’s time for change.”

Mac Katzen, District 134 resident

Where does Republican Sarah Davis stand on health care?

Sarah Davis has a long history of vehement opposition to the Affordable Care Act. She even led the charge that stopped Texas from expanding Medicaid health insurance coverage to more than one million uninsured Texans. In fact, she continues to empower a Republican majority that is suing the federal government to overturn the Affordable Care Act and its protections for pre-existing conditions.

On women’s health, Republican Sarah Davis has failed in her self-proclaimed mission to “work from the inside” to stop bad GOP bills, and Texas women have paid the price. In the last decade, Texas has passed some of the most virulent anti-choice legislation in the nation – including the notorious HB 2 in 2013.

Decision 2020

Will District 134 allow Republican Sarah Davis to continue to deny access to health insurance for more than one million uninsured Texans? Or will voters give Democrat Ann Johnson a chance to expand access to health care and repair the damage, expand Medicaid and boost spending for women’s health and COVID-19 vaccines?

Ann is endorsed by these pro-choice groups

Vote Pro Choice
Emily’s List

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