End Republican Gerrymandering

End GOP gerrymandering

Republicans have dominated Texas politics for over a decade. In that time, Texas has passed extreme anti-choice laws and kept guns in the hands of domestic abusers and individuals with severe mental illnesses. They’ve left five million Texans without health insurance, gutted our public schools, denied climate change, and refused to release billions of dollars for flood prevention and hurricane recovery.

Texas Democrats fought hard to stop the worst of these bills, but Republicans in Austin have undermined our rights, our health and our safety. Partisanship and short-sighted, right-wing policy have left Texas ill-equipped to deal with the pandemic and Texas’ stricken economy.

We must address rampant Republican gerrymandering. Next year, state legislators will redraw our political maps for the next decade. Texas Democrats are just nine seats away from winning the state House, fighting for fair maps, and checking Governor Abbott’s right-wing agenda. A Democratic majority and fair elections start here in District 134 with Democrat Ann Johnson. 

With a Democratic majority in the Texas State House, we can:

  • Reverse Governor Abbott’s right-wing agenda
  • End Republican gerrymandering
  • Vote for fair redistricting

Ann is endorsed by these redistricting reformers

National Democratic Redistricting Committee
End Citizens United
Let America Vote

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