Priorities: Education

Invest in Education

Our chief priority in Austin is education. The Republican state legislature has woefully failed to invest in public education and neglected our number one resource – children.

Ann Johnson

As your representative, Ann will:

  • Restore Republican cuts to public education
  • Reverse sending Houston money to other districts

Republican cuts

In 2011, Republicans slashed public education funding by $5.3 billion, eliminated 10,000 teaching jobs, increased class sizes and cut pre-Kindergarten funding. Since then, the Republican legislature has steadily decreased state funding, so local property taxpayers make up the difference funding schools. 

Robin Hood in reverse

Republicans also gave us the flawed “Robin Hood” system to equalize funding between rich and poor school districts. In order to work, the state must provide a baseline of education funding to school districts – instead, Republican cuts to education have turned Robin Hood into a fraud. For example, because the Houston Independent School District is classified in the law as “property-wealthy,” the district has been forced to pay $300 million into the system even though nearly 75 percent of its students qualified for federal free or reduced-price meals. Taking money away from these kids is unconscionable. 

Where does Republican Sarah Davis stand on education funding? 

  • In 2011, incumbent Sarah Davis voted with fellow Republicans to slash public education funding by $5.3 billion.
  • In 2018, the Texas legislature, with 12 new House Democrats, finally raised funding for public education, but only temporarily. Sarah Davis’ Republican-led majority failed to commit sustainable funding.

Decision 2020

Whoever District 134 elects this year will decide whether Texas reinvests in public education or returns to public education cuts that hurt our children.  

Ann is endorsed by these educators

Texas AFT
Houston Federation of Teachers

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