Stand with Immigrants

Stand with our immigrant communities

  • Repeal racist SB 4
  • Honor Texas immigrants in a state of immigrants
  • Support immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship

Texas is a state of immigrants—one in six Texans is an immigrant, and an additional 15% have a parent who immigrated. Immigrants are an integral part of our community, and they deserve the same support, respect, and protection as everyone else. 

For Ann, immigration is an intensely personal issue. Ann married into a loving Hispanic family. Knowing their history and success has had a profound impact on her. Despite both their parents working full-time, Ann’s wife Sonya and her siblings depended on meals from their public schools. Their success story was based on the love and dedication of their family and access to a good public education.

Ann Johnson supports comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship. She will work to repeal racist SB 4, the “show me your papers” law that her opponent sponsored. She will also work to reverse the hateful and inhuman policies of the Trump administration, such as family separation. Immigrant families and workers living and working in our communities must be treated with the same respect and dignity as everyone else.

Where does Republican Sarah Davis stand on immigration?

Sarah Davis sponsored SB 4, the racist “show me your papers” legislation. This law allows local law enforcement to racially profile Texans and inquire about their immigration status, creating fear and mistrust. With her Republican colleagues, Davis has helped pass anti-immigrant legislation in line with President Trump’s hateful, dangerous policies.

Decision 2020

Will District 134 tolerate Republican Sarah Davis and her support for the racist SB 4 law? Democrat Ann Johnson stands by our immigrant communities and will work to repeal SB 4.

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