Women’s Health and Reproductive Rights

For ten years, we’ve sent a Republican to the legislature to “work from the inside” to keep the Republicans from doing their worst. In that time, Texas has passed some of the most virulent anti-choice legislation in the nation – including the notorious HB 2 in 2013. Sarah Davis has failed in her self-proclaimed mission to stop the bad bills, and Texas women have paid the price.

Houstonians deserve a representative who will not just fight the bad bills, but will put forward policies that strengthen reproductive rights, increase access to necessary care and expand Medicaid and other programs that help low-income families. It’s time to do more than keep Republicans from doing their worst, and Ann Johnson will lead the way in a Democratic House by:

  • Increasing funding for health clinics so women and families have access to affordable providers in their areas;
  • Working to overturn restrictions that make it harder for women to access abortion services; 
  • Codifying our rights into law;
  • Expanding Medicaid so more Texas families have the reproductive health care they deserve.