Ann Johnson is the warrior we need in Austin to fight for our Democratic values. 

Ann Johnson will fight for a stronger Texas.

Ann Johnson will fight for a stronger Texas.

  • Criminal Justice Reform Advocate

  • Former Chief Human Trafficking Prosecutor

  • Teacher & Small Business Owner


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Ann Johnson is a prosecutor who’s stood up to the worst human traffickers and won, protecting child victims of exploitation.

She is a cancer survivor who will be a relentless advocate in the legislature to expand health care, restore a woman’s right to choose, pass common-sense gun safety reforms, improve public education — and fight for our kids.

Let’s talk about choice.

For ten years, we’ve sent a Republican to the legislature to work from the inside and keep the Republicans from doing their worst. In that time, Texas Republicans passed some of the most extreme anti-choice laws in America.

They’ve kept guns in the hands of the mentally challenged, kept more than a million Texans off health insurance, gutted our public schools, denied climate change and refused to release billions in dollars from the Rainy Day fund for hurricane recovery and flood prevention.

Making a few good votes on choice while eviscerating everything else that matters is not the leadership we need in Austin.

The choice has become clear: Ann Johnson

The only way to protect the values we hold dear is for Democrats to take back the State House.

Ann Johnson is the best choice for District 134.

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